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Letterbox, Letterboxes


It allows Postal office to deliver mail packages by opening the master door; and Building management to deliver important newsletters through the apertures. The letterboxes consist of anti-junk mail mechanisms that allow the residents to lock the apertures to prevent others (except the Building management) from delivering junk mail into their letterboxes. All deliveries and collections are from the front.


  • Residents can activate the anti-junk mail mechanism to prevent the delivery of junk mail into their letterboxes.

  • Has the option of only allowing the delivery of mails from post office through the post office master door and important newsletters from building management through the apertures using the central locking mechanism.

  • The anti-junk mail (central locking) mechanism has surpassed 250,000 cycles against mechanical failure.

  • The Post Office master door has undergone stringent fatigue test surpassing 250,000 cycles against sagging.

  • Aluminium sections are made of grade 6063.

  • Unit numbers and Street addresses are engraved with precise computer-controlled engraving machine.

Available Options

  • Flushed Cam Locks.

  • Material: Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

  • Colour: Varies according to Manufacturer's colour chart.

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